My current bill, approx $84.00 is past due by 10 days. TXU wants to slap me with a penalty of $250.00 - how does this even make sense? I understand it's ten days past due, and am fully prepared to pay reasonable late fees - but $250.00?

I think not.

When I make the mistake of calling "customer service" I get ***'s who don't know, understand or care - about anything. Even the "supervisors" are clueless. What a waste of my time.

TXU doesn't understand that it's not the only game in town anymore. I'm switching service and I'll pay the $84.00, but TXU can take that $250.00 and....well, I'll keep it friendly.

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OP: When your payment history sucks balls and you haven't got much of a history with the company, yeah, they charge you a deposit.

Alice: They were trying to be helpful; nobody was REQUIRING you to pay anything. The rep was just saying if you want, you can still pay on a $0 balance. Retard.


I pay my bill every month on time. I called to get the balance of my July 2011 bill on 7-26-11 the representative tells me there is no balance that the meter has not been read.

She states I can pay a partial payment so my bill want be so high.

Why should I pay a partial bill because your company is having a problem are back log. I should not be penalized for your mistake.


I am sorry to hear about your problems with TXU Energy. If you would like, you can email me at greg@txu.com so we can discuss.



TXU Energy, Office of the CEO


Similar thing happened to me in Austin- some company posted an open position just to lure people in, then pitched a totally unrelated scam. I stayed just long enough to be horrified by the number of people that signed up for it. Go you for walking out!

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