Lampasas, Texas

My current bill, approx $84.00 is past due by 10 days. TXU wants to slap me with a penalty of $250.00 - how does this even make sense? I understand it's ten days past due, and am fully prepared to pay reasonable late fees - but $250.00?

I think not.

When I make the mistake of calling "customer service" I get ***'s who don't know, understand or care - about anything. Even the "supervisors" are clueless. What a waste of my time.

TXU doesn't understand that it's not the only game in town anymore. I'm switching service and I'll pay the $84.00, but TXU can take that $250.00 and....well, I'll keep it friendly.

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OP: When your payment history sucks balls and you haven't got much of a history with the company, yeah, they charge you a deposit.

Alice: They were trying to be helpful; nobody was REQUIRING you to pay anything. The rep was just saying if you want, you can still pay on a $0 balance. Retard.


I pay my bill every month on time. I called to get the balance of my July 2011 bill on 7-26-11 the representative tells me there is no balance that the meter has not been read.

She states I can pay a partial payment so my bill want be so high.

Why should I pay a partial bill because your company is having a problem are back log. I should not be penalized for your mistake.


I am sorry to hear about your problems with TXU Energy. If you would like, you can email me at so we can discuss.



TXU Energy, Office of the CEO


Similar thing happened to me in Austin- some company posted an open position just to lure people in, then pitched a totally unrelated scam. I stayed just long enough to be horrified by the number of people that signed up for it. Go you for walking out!

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