It took over a week, 5 phone calls of more than an hour each time in order to set up my account. I called back a few days later because I needed my account number and that phone call took over an hour again...just to get my freakin account number.

Now, six weeks later, I still haven't received a bill. I have been on the phone with them, on hold mainly, for two hours trying to get my account set up right and a correct dollar amount that I owe. This company can't get any worse and I am so sorry that I signed up with them.


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I am not sure if you realize you have a choice and there are other companies out there that have cheaper rates, but there is only ONE that has a mission of being the Finest and Most Respected Energy Provider in the Nation. I can not post a link but if you will reply to me at possibilitymaker@gmail.com I will share with you how you might qualify for FREE electricity!


Well first of all everyone knows Centerpoint controlls the lines and maintains them. They should have been your firt call.

You also wouldnt have misdirected hostility towards the wrong company. You're an *** all fingers point to you.


txu best service i ever had.


The same thing happened to me. I set up service THIRTY days before the closing on my house. Then, one week after I moved, my service was cut off.

Problem Number One:

It turns out that TXU never processed my power request. Instead of apologizing profusly and making the call to Centerpoint for an immediate remedy, they pretty much just said "oh well, we'll try and get it connected Monday" (this was a Friday). After spending about three hours explaining exactly why this was unacceptable, I finally wrangled the phone number to Centerpoint (the company in charge of connecting/ disconnecting power). In a thirty minutes they were able to make arrangements to have the power reconnected. In an hour it was reconnected.

Problem Number Two:

So that I didn't lose power again, I had to make sure TXU took care of their business first thing Monday morning. So I spend my entire fifty minute conference period (I am a school teacher) trying to get this straight. For some reason, my power request kept getting canceled in their computer system.

Problem Number Three:

TXU wants to charge me $15.95 for a "reconnection fee".

After going ballistic I was placed on hold to speak to a manager. The guy I spoke to earlier then told me it was a "new service" fee. Since I haven't seen a bill I have no idea what this really is and totally can't wait to find out.

Problem Number Four:

Two months after moving, I still haven't received an electric bill. I called TXU regarding this matter (as I really don't trust them not to disconnect me) and I was told the meter reader couldn't get to my meter (it's on the side of my house OUTSIDE the fence) and I was told that billing services was "halted" (why would you "halt" revenue driving activities is beyond me).

Anyway, that has been my highly annoying experience with TXU. Granted, none of these power companies are great, I get that, but I've dealt with First Choice and Houston Lighting and Power (now Reliant-- I think) and never had anywhere near this much ridiculousness.

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